Arizona assisted living Facilities provide services to older and disabled people who may not be able to care for themselves in their homes. The services offered by a few Arizona Assisted living Facilities are tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. The Arizona Department of Aging Services is responsible for many inspections of Arizona assisted care facilities. These inspections are conducted on an ongoing basis and public records are kept at the Department of Aging Services.

Assisted living facilities provide a variety of services to residents including transportation, meals, personal care, recreational activities, home health care, medical care, and housekeeping. Many of these services may be provided on a part-time basis or on a full-time basis. Some assisted living facility programs may include in their program the provision of a small apartment for rent, or they may include it as part of the program.

There are some assisted living centers that are designed for senior citizens or to house patients with disabilities, and their families. These facilities are also commonly referred to as Senior communities.

Arizona Assisted living facilities may include independent living apartments, assisted living homes, senior communities, or assisted living communities. Some of these complexes are designed to provide residents with assistance with daily activities, while others provide all or most of the activities. Most of the assisted living centers provide services designed to meet the special needs of individuals with physical disabilities. There are also many independent living communities where residents are independent and able to live on their own.

Arizona care facilities may be privately owned or leased. Many of the centers have a state license, but other center may have an independent status. Independent Arizona assisted living centers are more likely to use state-of-the-art technologies and amenities to provide residents with personalized services. Independent centers are generally less costly to operate than a state-owned facility, and some are funded by private organizations. They usually have more amenities and services to provide to their residents.

Arizona residents may choose between private and public assisted living facilities, according to their needs. The cost for residents to live in one of the facilities will vary depending on the amount of services and amenities included. The cost of living in a private center may be less than that of a public facility. Most independent communities offer less than the average cost of public assisted care facilities.