A flower necklace is a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. It can be worn with a button-up or off the shoulder blouse to create a look that is both dainty and sophisticated. You can also find a necklace in precious metals such as gold or silver for a piece that will be timeless and pass down to future generations.

Jewelry with flowers has been around for centuries, and it is a trend that continues to grow in popularity. It is a simple yet elegant accessory that can be worn year-round and is sure to add an eye-catching touch to your favorite outfits.

Whether you are looking for a delicate floral pendant or an attention-grabbing statement piece, you can find the perfect necklace at Bloomingdale’s. Search for a simple floral print necklace to layer with a simple shirt or tank top, or choose a larger floral pendant for a bold accent against a dress for an evening out.

Our flower necklaces are perfect for any occasion! They are available in a variety of styles and are made from a wide variety of materials such as gold, silver, gemstones and more. You can also add a few extra layers of jewelry to your floral necklace for a more dramatic effect.

Birth Flower Necklace

A personalized flower necklace is a sweet way to show your love and support for someone special in your life! This necklace features your loved one’s birth flower in a bezel setting that is stamped with their name and date of birth.

These hand-carved pendants are perfect for a special gift or to wear yourself! Each flower is made to represent your loved one’s birth month and has a different meaning.

Each flower is hand carved from 14k gold and will never lose its bloom! ThisĀ birth flower necklace canada is the sweetest way to show your love and support for someone.

Hawaiian Flower Leis

A lei is a type of flower garland worn around the neck, often as a way to say “hello” or “goodbye.” They are most commonly made with carnations, ginger blossoms, kika blossoms, orchids or jasmine blossoms. They are usually around 18 inches (46 centimeters) long, and they can be given as a gesture of welcome or as a farewell during a ceremony.

It is a common tradition in Hawaii to give a lei to visitors, friends or family members as a way of welcoming them to the island or farewelling them when they leave. They can be given to children and people who have just arrived on the island or to people graduating from school or college.

The flowers and greenery used in these creations need to be sturdy, as they will be exposed to water and will be worn continuously. Some suggestions for hardy florals include zinnias, orchids, ranunculuses and spray roses.

Making your own flower necklace is a fun and easy project that you can do with your kids or for yourself! To make this DIY necklace, you will need to wire flowers and add stem wraps, a little floral adhesive and a few berries or foliage.