When it comes to pistol optics, Holosun offers a lot of bang for your buck. They have a large variety of models that will fit just about any pistol on the market and have a wide range of useful features. Their products are durable and designed to withstand heavy recoil and harsh environments. Their prices are also competitive with other commands brands.

A Holosun 507c green dot is a great option for anyone looking to add some extra clarity to their sight picture. They provide a crisp, clear dot with a bright light that won’t wash out in low lighting conditions. In addition, the green dot is less straining on the eye and can help people with astigmatism. They are also easier to see in the dark than red dot sights.

The holosun 507c green dot uses an auto-brightness setting that is customizable to the user’s preferences. They also have a manual mode that puts full control of the reticle brightness back in the hands of the operator. This feature allows them to adjust the brightness without removing their finger from the trigger guard, making it an easy way to change the settings on the fly. Additionally, the 507c uses a’shake awake’ technology that can turn the device on with minimal movement and conserve power in between usages.

Another benefit of the Holosun 507c green dot over other red dots is its ability to operate on solar power. The unit comes with a battery and has a built-in solar panel to use ambient light for power. It’s a great feature that allows shooters to stay on target even when the battery is dead or running low.

Lastly, the 507c has a built-in lock mode that prevents unintentional button presses while holstered. This is a feature that was first introduced in their law enforcement model (LEM) and is an excellent safety feature for firearm users. The device has an impressive 50,000-hour battery life, so it’s ready for use around the clock.

Holosun’s multi-reticle system makes it easy to find the perfect reticle for any application. The ACSS Vulcan reticle is simple to use and offers a clear sight picture with plenty of target acquisition speed. The reticle is also illuminated, so it’s visible in low-light situations. The 507c is designed to be durable and has a side access battery door that makes it easy to replace the battery.

The Holosun HE507C-GR-X2 is a state-of-the-art open reflex sight tailored for pistols. It features a Green Super LED, a Multi-Reticle Circle Dot system, a Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake. The durable 7075 aluminum housing has an industry standard footprint and a side-mounted battery tray for quick replacement. It’s an ideal choice for pistol enthusiasts seeking advanced features and reliability.