If you don’t have a US number, you can get a US number by signing up for an app called Numero. This app lets you enter a phone number, and if the number is valid, you will receive a text message containing an OTP. You can then send the OTP to WhatsApp, and it will verify your account.


If you’d like to use a US number for WhatsApp verification, there are several ways to go about it. One popular method is to use an application called Primo. You can download it from Google Play. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll need to create a One-Time Password. This password will give you access to your US number.

Another method involves using the TextPlus app. This app lets you create a virtual US number for your account and allows you to receive free SMS messages and make free phone calls. You can even choose your own area code. You can also view all texts and calls from your phone using this app.


There are two ways to obtain a UK number for WhatsApp verification. The first method is to sign up for the Numero app. You will need to enter your mobile number and country code. The app will then sign you in and display the app’s interface. It will also display whether you are in the United Kingdom. This number can be used to make calls using your mobile phone in the UK. Alternatively, you can use this number to verify your social media accounts such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

The second method is to create a second WhatsApp account. A second WhatsApp account is created with a virtual phone number. The virtual phone number will start with the country code +1 and is not associated with any physical SIM card. These phone numbers are often temporary and used to receive SMS messages and activate applications.

TextMe Up

TextMe Up is an app that free us number for WhatsApp verification allows you to text and call anyone in the world. It also allows you to create multiple numbers from one account. Once you have registered, you can manage your numbers from any device. You can even change your number from your existing account to use it for WhatsApp verification.

If you don’t have a physical sim card, you can use this app to verify your WhatsApp account. To do this, you need to download the TextPlus app and register. You’ll need your name, e-mail address, and password to sign up. Then, you’ll need to select a country. Make sure you choose the United States. When you have registered, you’ll see your new contact number in the TextPlus app. You can then enter the number to verify your account.

Numero app

The Numero app is a useful tool that offers a free or cheap USA phone number for WhatsApp verification. You can use this number to call friends and family, register on social networks, and many other uses. You can even use it to make international calls. Before using it, though, you should have a mobile phone number in the US.

If you don’t have a US phone number, you can register with a landline number. Most carriers offer this option, and once you enter your number, WhatsApp will automatically add your country code.

Numero service

One of the most convenient ways to verify WhatsApp messages is to use a Numero service. This service calls landline numbers and repeats a six-digit verification code. Once the landline owner enters this code, WhatsApp will accept the message. You can even forward calls to the service. This method is a good alternative for people who don’t have access to a landline.

You can find hundreds of SMS websites on the internet. Some of them are free, while others require a fee. Some of them also offer Skype numbers for WhatsApp verification. Another option is to use a Skype number, which allows you to send and receive texts from up to three numbers at a time. Once you have found a reliable SMS service, add the number to the WhatsApp verification screen and wait for the verification code to appear.