If you’re a business owner and you’re thinking about outsourcing your phone answering services, you may be wondering whether or not Intercon Messaging is the right choice for you. This article provides an overview of the company’s telephone services, including work alone monitoring, alarm monitoring, and live answer services. You can also find out about their customizable telephone solutions and cost-effective outsourcing plans. Read on to learn more about Intercon Messaging.

Intercon Messaging is a Telephone answering service

Providing business with 24 hour inbound call center services, Intercon¬†Intercon Messaging Messaging can help businesses with emergency response, alarm monitoring, and live answer services. Using this outsourced answering service allows business owners to increase efficiency and cut costs while still maintaining a professional image. The company also offers customizable telephone services and online appointment scheduling. Read on to learn more about Intercon Messaging. And don’t forget to check out their FAQ page.

It is a call centre

If you’re looking for an excellent phone answering service, consider Intercon Messaging Inc. of Windsor, Ontario. They provide a wide variety of telephone answering services, including work-alone monitoring, alarm monitoring, and live answer services. Their service costs start at $19 per agent per month, and they have a variety of flexible options. Intercon offers two types of services: onsite and online.

It is based in Canada

The Canadian Call Management Association recently awarded Intercon Messaging Inc. with a Call Centre Award of Distinction, a recognition program that measures the professionalism and quality of call centre agents. Independent panels of judges score call-handling skills for enhanced service applications. The company was recognized at the 52nd Annual Convention at Chateau Laurier in Quebec City, and is pleased to share its accolades with its customers.

Intercon Messaging provides a range of related services, including truck dispatching, oil and gas monitoring, and virtual office support. In addition to lone worker monitoring, Intercon also provides services for emergency response, hazardous driving, unauthorized use of company vehicles, and overtime hours. A few other benefits of the Intercon Messaging service include the ability to track the activities of multiple employees and track shift patterns. This is a service that can help businesses improve their workplace safety and communication, which is critical in this age of terrorism and pandemics.