League of Legends Coaching

If you are stuck in a division of 100 games, you should get League of Legends Coaching. Sure, you can ask a friend to watch your replays, but this person will not have the same expertise and knowledge as a professional LoL coach. Also, taking criticism from a friend will hurt you much more than a professional LoL coach. And you’re not going to learn the best strategies from a friend, either.


Elventus is a new breed of League of Legends coaches that emphasize psychological support and game depth. Players who work with Elventus receive ongoing support from a sport psychologist and top-tier LoL coaching plans. Their players improve in several areas, including their mindset and technical skill sets. Elventus coaches are trained and vetted by the team. Each coach has a different philosophy when it comes to coaching League players, and they work with a team approach rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


If you’re looking for a new coach in League of Legends, you may want to try ClipHero. It is an AI-based coaching service, and you can stream your LoL games to its servers. After you play a match, your ClipHero client will automatically provide you with AI feedback. The AI will provide instant, positive feedback. And because it’s free, there’s no commitment to use it.


If you’re looking for the best League of Legends coach, you’ve probably seen a few advertisements on YouTube. NEACE, also known as “Neace the Gamer”, has been making the scene for nearly a decade. Despite criticism from some critics, he has kept at it, producing numerous academic movies and launching a YouTube channel that has helped over 7,000 gamers this year. His coaching videos have become popular on YouTube and he charges around $250 for an on-stream teaching session. In contrast, he charges $300 for an individual coaching session or $700 for a one-on-one duo session.


Before you hire Isles as your League of Legends coach, you should know what he’s all about. Isles is a professional gamer who holds a part-time job as a chef at a restaurant. He knows that this kind of job looks more legitimate than a video game coaching gig. Andres Lilly purchased 13 sessions with Isles and claims that his game improved dramatically. In fact, he claims to have gone from a Silver level to Platinum in one year.

Gosu AI

In League of Legends, using Gosu AI for League of Legends coach training could prove to be an invaluable tool. It can help you decide on what champion to play and which items to buy. The AI can also offer advice on good habits and decisions. GOSU AI is free to use and can be helpful to anyone, no matter what their level is. It is also available for download from the Gosu website.