Paint Quality and Colour Preferences

When it comes to choosing a paint colour, quality is the key. While cheaper paints may appear attractive, they fall short of quality in almost every area. Cheap paints are inefficient on specific surfaces and need more coats to even out. On the other hand, higher-quality paint from brands such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams offer efficient coverage on a wide range of surfaces. For the best results, choose a high-quality paint.

Ecological valence theory

An ecological valence theory can explain how people develop color preferences. The basic premise is that humans learn to like certain colours based on positive experiences with objects of that particular color. Colour preferences are not innate; they may have developed over a lifetime. To test the theory, a group of individuals rated an object on a line-mark slider scale. The researchers then calculated the average valence rating of the objects and the number of descriptions attributed to each colour.

Associative learning

People may have an instinctive preference for certain colours, and this may influence their decision-making. In this study, naive participants were exposed to 12 different colours of artificial flowers, including yellow, pink, light blue, purple, magenta, and green. These flowers were presented in different settings, with rewards being offered only once per visit. As time progressed, the proportion of visits to the flower that they found rewarding decreased.

Humphrey’s theory

The eco-valence theory has strong empirical support. It relates different colours to objects we like or dislike. It fits the data more closely than alternative theories, and provides a more plausible explanation. Humphrey’s theory was first proposed in 1921, but is still widely used today. Several studiesĀ have suggested that colour preference affects the quality of the paint in a house.

Gennex Color Technology

For a consistent look and colour consistency, choose paint that is infused with Gennex Colour Technology. Most paints contain surfactant, which is a VOC, but Gennex eliminates it. This proprietary formula increases the paint’s distribution and application ease. Choose from more than 3,000 colour options. You’ll love the performance, durability and colour consistency of Gennex paints.

Benjamin Moore

If you are looking to paint your home, but don’t know what type of paint to choose, Benjamin Moore makes many choices. From the traditional Aura to the more contemporary Regal, you can find a paint that will suit your style and your budget. Benjamin Moore paints come in a variety of finishes, including matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. In addition, you can find a range of paint colours at your local retailer or an international distributor.


As you may already know, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are both renowned for their superior paint quality and colours. They both provide a wide selection of colours and continue to expand their colour palettes to offer fresh, new hues for interior and exterior designs. In addition, the company offers a computerized colour matching system, known as Sher-Color, which makes it easy to choose your favourite colours without the need for trial and error.