A roofer, roofing engineer, or roof construction contractor is someone who specializes, either in the area of roof construction or repair, of roofs. Roofers repair, replace, or install the roofs of commercial buildings, using various materials, such as asphalt, bitumen, and shingles. Roofers also remove any damaged sections of a roof, clean the surface, and prepare it for re-roofing, with the added benefit of protecting roof debris. It is important for roofers to perform these tasks safely and efficiently, as falling debris can lead to serious injury or even death. In fact, roofers are at the highest risk for a roof collapse during the winter season, when snow and ice begin to settle atop the remaining portions of the roof, covering and weighting them.


To ensure that they perform their job duties safely and effectively, roofers hire roofing contractors, also known as roofers, assistants, or interns. Aspiring candidates can enroll in a training program to become one. Through an apprenticeship program, aspiring candidates learn how to use heavy equipment and perform difficult tasks, thereby preparing them for their real life job duties.

There are two types of roofing companies – the private company and the government-owned facility. Private companies are more competitive, since they have fewer overhead expenses. However, they may not have a well-established name or a history of quality service. Government-owned roofs can offer reliable service, but they may not be able to completely renovate a building’s roofs. The downside of choosing a government-owned roofing company is that workers who become trapped on the roof may not receive medical attention, due to budget cuts.

The second type of roofing company is internship-based. Internship-based roofing companies have a laid-off or retired workforce, usually comprised of young people with no professional background in the roofing industry. These workers often lack the proper training or experience to complete a rigorous job estimating task. In order to overcome this shortcoming, internship-based roofing companies hire roofers from a number of different backgrounds and experience levels, with each candidate being evaluated to ensure his or her suitability for the job. When comparing similar job candidates, past experience becomes an important factor in deciding which candidate is best suited for the job.

Contractors or self-employed roofers can choose to purchase their own tools and materials, or they can work for a licensed, bonded roofing company. Certified contractors have acquired the necessary training and skills to install and repair roofs. They purchase their roofing materials from reputable suppliers and work with experienced roofers who have years of experience. A contractor may save money by buying their own materials, but if they work with unlicensed suppliers or subcontractors, they run the risk of having unprofessional products and workmanship, which are two major problems that lead to roofing problems.

For contractors, a roofer job description may be long and detailed. Roofers must be able to identify the different types of roofs (e.g., slate, ceramic tile, etc.) and install them properly. Additionally, roofs must be cleaned and maintained according to a detailed schedule, often times daily.

Roofers who work for themselves or independently often times start out working as freelancers and earn money on their own through the Internet or by providing services for neighbors and friends. Eventually, they branch out into contracting, owning their own businesses, or enrolling in training programs to advance their career. When starting out in a roofing career, new roofers should invest in purchasing hand tools, such as a rake and screwdriver. Hand tools will allow them to perform the many different roofing tasks that are required to keep roofs looking their best.

There are many online sources for locating roofers and roofing apprenticeships. Many online training programs are free or charge minimal fees. Upon completion of a roofing job training program, many graduates will find a rewarding career as a roofer or a contractor. A roofer job description may include working as a crew, doing small projects individually, repairing roofs for friends and neighbors, performing maintenance work on commercial buildings, and much more.