Water mitigation companies are professionals that help you reduce the amount of water damage your property is suffering. They can help you with a flooded basement, broken pipes, mold remediation and more.

The water mitigation process starts with assessing the extent of the damage. This involves removing wet flooring and drywall and setting up security measures to prevent further damages from occurring.

Once the water is contained, mitigation technicians start drying out the home. They use air scrubbers and air movers to extract the moisture from walls, floors and furniture. This is an important step in the restoration process and should be done quickly to avoid further deterioration of the structure.

If your property has a lot of water damage, the dry-out process can take longer than expected. This is because the materials that are wet will absorb and hold moisture for long periods of time, which can result in the onset of mold growth.

This is why it is vital to call a water mitigation company immediately when you notice any signs of damage. They will arrive quickly and begin work to restore your property to its pre-water damage state.

After the water is extracted, they will clean and disinfect theĀ water mitigation company surfaces. This can be a costly process, but is necessary to keep your home or business safe and healthy for you and your family.

They may also be able to remove persistent damp odors that can linger for days after the cleaning is complete. They may use ozone machines or thermal foggers to get rid of these odors and help you breathe better once again.

As the drying phase progresses, they will check the moisture levels of your home and ensure they are achieving the desired level. They will also check for any hazardous ramifications of the dry-out such as rusting or deterioration of metals and plastics.

Once the drying is complete, they will check the overall condition of your property to determine if it is ready for full service repairs and restoration. This can involve tearing out damaged drywall, replacing broken flooring or building board-up to protect the home from further damage.

After a thorough inspection and assessment, mitigation crews will create a plan to minimize the impact of the damage on your home or office. This involves shutting off the water source, ensuring that all the affected parts of your building are secured and taking care of any emergency repairs needed.

The water mitigation process is often very similar to the restoration process, although they are rarely completed at the same time. This is because restoration is a more involved process and involves repairing and rebuilding the damaged areas of your home or office to their original state.

If the water damage is severe, a restoration company may recommend extensive dry-out procedures to get your property back in order and eliminate future mold issues. This is a potentially costly option, but it may be the only way to restore your home or business to its previous condition.